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BAC Organic Bloom Nutrients are especially developed to meet the needs of your crop during the blooming stage.

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BAC Bloom nutrition is especially developed to meet all your crop needs during the bloom cycle. It works using very high-quality and easy to absorb organic fertilisers. By using BAC Bloom nutrition, the beneficial micro-organisms are fed and thus quickly increased. They provide the direct availability of the required elements from BAC Bloom Nutrition for your crop. These beneficial micro-organisms are stimulated to a high extent and will ensure the creation of more oxygen in your feed water and binding it. This results in an optimum balance in your crop’s soil life.

BAC organic bloom nutrition comprises of ingredients approved by the Soil Association. Thanks to the high amounts of trace elements and sugars, this fertiliser works harmoniously in conjunction with the soil bacteria and the Mycorrhiza in BAC. This product contains Yuccah, a natural dissolving agent that contributes to the proper soil penetration of the fertiliser. Yuccah also contributes to the stable water management in both full soil/coco cultivations and in pots.

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