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SunKing Parabolic Reflector 100cm (White)

SunKing Parabolic Reflector white

SunKing Parabolic Reflector 100cm (White)


Product Description

The SunKing Parabolic has an incredibly even light spread and a design that produces low heat levels directly under the lamp, meaning that it can be lowered further than is often possible when using conventional reflectors without burning the tops of plants. Constructed from premium grade components. Eliminates hotspots. Supplied with IEC lead for simple connection to ballasts. Vented top section to reduce heat build-up. Can be kept closer to the top of the canopy than standard reflector. Can be used with both CFLs and HID lamps. Medium sized, 100cm diameter for excellent coverage. Dimensions: Diameter: 1000mm (31.5") Lamp holder: 1.48kg (3.26lb) Reflector: 1.84kg (4.06lb)