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Product Description

This Light Shade is made from MIRO and is therefore capable of reflecting a 'plant friendly' spectrum due to the MIROs' colour correcting qualities. This means the reflection is of a fuller spectrum making for more lush growth. Miro is used in Lighting industries to increase the efficiency of any available lighting source. Miro is also a material that doesn't transfer heat, meaning that after a full day running with the HPS system,the top of the grostar is still cool to the touch. Minimum 95% Total Reflectivity Multi-Layered Surfacing Brightened. The Grostar is made from a combination of the following alloys namely; Aliminium/Silver, Silicon dioxide and Titanium Dioxide. The angles used on this reflector were designed by physicists to omit a perfectly even, downward spread of light. The completely even light spread has many benefits including reduced 'Hotspots' and maximum efficiency from the light source. Gardens grow level with this reflector almost completely eliminating pyramidal growth patterns. The intense Reflection given of the GroSotr forces ALL light Down toward your plants and will penetrate deep canopies of foliage meaning no wasted Energy and maximum production. The grostar can actually decrease a gardens artificial lighting requirements by maximising the reflection and spread from each source of light. This is the ultimate in horticultural reflector technology. COMES COMPLETE WITH E40 CORD SET and HANGING BRACKET.