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Dimlux 600W EL UHF Light Kit


Dimlux 600W EL UHF Light Kit


Product Description

The Dimlux 600w Full Fixture is one of the most effective lighting systems on the market today, producing bigger yields and better quality produce than is possible with traditional HPS lighting. This is thanks to the use of 400v technology ultra-high frequency technology, which greatly enhances the spectral output while reducing operating temperatures. This technology was, until recently, only available to the professional horticultural industry, but has now been engineered to run from standard 230 volt mains supplies. Dimlux lighting really comes into its own when teamed up with the Dimlux Maxi Controller unit. You can then control up to 160 of these fixtures from a central point, regulating lighting output levels so that your plants always stay within the correct temperature and VPD (vapour pressure deficit) range, as well performing a host of other features and simultaneously regulating CO2 distribution, heaters and humidifiers.